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Construction Accidents

For thousands of workers reporting to construction sites throughout the country every day, countless hazards await them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 150,000 injuries on construction sites each year. Workers who are hurt at work suffer in so many ways. Physically there is pain and disability. Emotionally, there is the trauma of reliving a frightening accident. Financially, there is the loss if income when an injury keeps them from returning to work.

With good safety training and equipment, these accidents and the injuries they cause can largely be prevented. Employers who fail to follow proper safety procedures and ensure a safe work environment can be held accountable when those lapses lead to a tragic construction accident. In some cases, the designer or manufacturer of a defective or unsafe piece of machinery or equipment can be held liable for damages resulting from an accident.

Types of Construction Accidents

  • Caught in/between accidents: A worker is stuck, pinched, or squeezed between two or more objects resulting in crushing injuries.
  • Electrocutions: Half of worker fatalities from electrocution happen at construction sites. Contact with power lines, live wires, and electrical current causes shocks, burns, permanent disability, and death.
  • Falls from heights: Many construction jobs are done at heights. Building and repairing various structures requires impeccable safety practices. Without proper fall protection equipment and procedures as regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workers risk serious and potentially fatal falls.  
  • Heavy equipment accidents: The human body is no match for the size and force of cranes, tractors, and other large machinery. These machines can be overloaded, tip over, or run over workers who are not in a clear line of sight.
  • Scaffolding accidents: Workers who perform their job tasks on temporary scaffolding risk falls, being hit by objects from above, and debilitating injuries when poorly constructed scaffolding collapses.
  • Struck-by object accidents: Injuries occur when a flying, rolling, swinging, or falling object forcibly strikes a worker causing serious internal and external injuries.
  • Toxic exposure: Construction workers often handle hazardous substances. If proper protective gear is unavailable or defective, these hazardous materials can cause irreparable damage to their bodies.
  • Welding accidents: Welding is a dangerous job for many reasons. Exposure to high temperatures flying debris, and electrical shock are just a few. Preventable welding accidents leave workers with lacerations, vision impairment, hearing loss, and tissue damage.

Injuries on the Construction Site

Because there are so many moving parts and something can go wrong in the blink of an eye, construction accident claims can often be complex. It takes a skilled and determined Monmouth Country Workers’ Compensation lawyer to examine every detail and determine what went wrong.

To protect your rights, be sure to keep all medical records for surgery, hospitalization, and other care related to your construction injuries. If possible, at the time of your accident, document the scene with photos and witness accounts. Report your injuries to your employer immediately and seek skilled legal counsel as soon as possible.

If your injuries have a serious impact on your life right now and for the foreseeable future, it makes sense to seek compensation for all the ways a devastating work accident impacts you. Whether it is a personal injury lawsuit, a Workers’ Compensation claim, or through some other legal means, you deserve damages for the injuries that could have been avoided.

Monmouth County Construction Accident Lawyers at the Falcon Law Firm, LLC Advocate for Injured Construction Workers

Work injuries are not only physically challenging, they can be emotionally traumatic and financially devastating as well. For any construction worker who has become disabled at work, there is some hope for compensation for these devastating losses. Monmouth County construction accident lawyers at the Falcon Law Firm, LLC fight for New Jersey’s injured workers and hold the proper entity responsible.

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