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For more than two decades, the personal injury attorneys at The Falcon Law Firm have delivered positive outcomes through skilled and powerful legal representation. 

Our legal team has won millions of dollars collectively in settlements, including two jury awards for more than $1.4 million each for victims injured in car accidents. We have also obtained six-figure settlements for construction and highway workers. 

Our practical experience, success, and wisdom are our greatest resources. As such, we have compiled these blog posts with the intention of sharing our knowledge and insights with those affected by injuries or accidents and need further information about their claim.

Feel free to explore our blog feed for topics and discussions that may be of interest to you. Regardless of the type of injury or accident, additional information can help relieve much of the stress associated with legal claims.

The Falcon Law Firm responds swiftly when tragedy strikes, providing zealous legal representation with care and skill.

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A young woman driver has just been in a car accident, and holds a fist against her forehead to calm her stress.

What Do I Do After a Car Accident?

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The value of having your own attorney after a car accident is more than just the likelihood of an increased settlement amount. A lawyer also saves you time, worry, and common mistakes that can be made in the confusion after a car wreck.If you’re severely injured, caring for the injured party, or mourning their death, having a legal professional on hand can be vital. In cases complicated by drunk driving, or as seemingly simple as a rear-end accident, we cover the legal side of things
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Young man holding back of neck after whiplash injury from a rear-end accident

Common Rear-End Accident Injuries

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Common rear-end accident injuries can vary from minor scratches to catastrophic spinal cord injuries. When a drunk driver causes a rear-end crash, the consequences can be tragic. At Falcon Law Firm, LLC, our rear-end accident attorneys believe negligent drivers should be held accountable for their actions. Call today if you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident due to someone’s careless act. We have extensive experience helping rear-end car accident victims.
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A car on the road during winter in low visibility

How Should I Drive During Wintertime?

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Car accidents can be stressful and costly. One way to mitigate the chances of a collision is to drive appropriately for the season. During winter, motorists need to take several precautions to ensure they reduce their risks. In many parts of the United States, winter driving can quickly turn treacherous. A snow squall can become a blinding barrier. A bit of rain can freeze up and turn into black ice on the highway. This does not mean that drivers have
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